School Shooter’s Parents Sentenced

( – School Shooter Ethan Crumbley’s parents have received their sentences after their son’s school shooting in 2021.

James Crumbley, Ethan’s father, will serve 10 years in prison. His wife, Jennifer Crumbley, will serve 15 years. They were both scheduled to be sentenced on April 9th after they were convicted earlier this year of involuntary manslaughter.

The charges were filed shortly after their son killed four of his classmates and wounded seven other students and staff members. One of his teachers found a note on his desk shortly before the shooting that said, “The thoughts won’t stop. Help me.” He had also drawn a handgun picture on the note.

His parents were called right away and arrived later that morning. Ethan was also removed from class and escorted to the school’s office. School administrators told the parents they must take him to see a counselor within two days. However, the parents refused and left without their son. Ethan went back to class and began his shooting rampage shortly after.

Investigators uncovered other potential charges for the parents after that. James Crumbley gave Ethan the 9mm gun that he used in the shooting just four days prior. Jennifer Crumbley posted a picture of her with Ethan and the gun the following day.

They also found signs that the parents ignored Ethan’s cries for help, especially regarding his mental health. The parents allegedly refused to help their son with his mental health issues even after he claimed to see a demon in their house. He had specifically requested counseling prior to the shooting but was denied, according to prosecutors.

Jennifer Crumbley had initially claimed that she wouldn’t have changed anything if she could go back. The prosecution used that statement to highlight her lack of remorse. However, she later said that she made that claim without hindsight. Both she and her husband requested time served sentences, which prosecutor Marc Keats called a “slap in the face.” Jennifer also asked for house arrest at her attorney’s guest home.

Experts believe the historical case could set a new precedent for punishing parents of children who commit violent crimes.

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