Sanders Says Biden Could Easily Win 2024 Presidential Election

( – Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders said on Sunday that President Joe Biden could actually “win in a landslide” in next year’s presidential election. Sanders’ comments came a couple of days after the US commander-in-chief officially announced his reelection run, with polls showing he could easily win the Democratic Party’s nomination.

During an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union,” the radical leftist said that even when he and President Biden “have strong differences of opinion,” he believes that the president is the clear choice for most voters in the country. Sanders, who ran against him in 2020, said this favoritism is because of the current political backdrop, which opens a favorable path for President Biden to beat the Republican nominee next year

The Senator explained that the United States is currently living in a moment when the leadership of the Republican Party is filled with political figures that don’t “believe in democracy.” He also claimed that these Republicans keep spreading the conspiracy theory that former President Donald Trump won the last presidential election and that they want to “keep people from voting” and prevent women from taking control of “their own bodies.”

Moreover, the radical leftist said during his CNN appearance that people need to vote for President Biden if they want to keep living in a democracy and have more Americans exercising their voting rights. He added that if the president and the Democratic Party get stronger on issues like the “working-class crisis” and tackle the corruption of “big money interests,” he will win “in a landslide.”

People on social media criticized the Vermont Senator as many pointed out he’s spreading the same propaganda and fear-mongering that President Biden repeated in his official announcement. This comes as a surprise considering the way Sanders distanced himself from the Democratic Party, following a clash with its establishment during the presidential elections of 2016 and 2020.

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