Russia Levels Charges Against 4 Suspects Accused of Moscow Terror Attack

( – The four suspects connected to the Moscow terror attack at a concert hall were officially charged with committing an attack and an act of terrorism against the Eurasian nation. The names of these suspects are Mukhammadsobir Faizov, Shamsidin Fariduni, Saidakrami Rachabalizoda, and Dalerdzhon Mirzoyev. Each of the men appeared severely beaten during their appearance in court.

Russia state news agency TASS said that three of the four suspects already pleaded guilty to the charges. While the report didn’t provide too many details about the reasons behind the terrorist attack, it suggested that each of these terrorists was working on behalf of Ukraine, which Russia invaded in February 2022.

A couple of hours after the attack, which has claimed the lives of 140 people so far and severely injured 100 others, the Islamic terrorist group ISIS took responsibility for it. Some reports explained that the attack would represent the biggest one that the organization has executed in years after being severely reduced during the Trump administration period.

During the terrorist operation, gunmen fired shots inside the Crocus City Hall concert venue located in the Russian capital city. At least three of the terrorists were wearing combat clothes and were equipped with handguns and semi-automatic rifles. In addition to shooting against innocent people, the terrorists also ignited explosives in some parts of the building, which resulted in a partial collapse of its roof. Scenes of the attack were published on social media, with users expressing their condemnation.

A couple of minutes after the terrorist attack, Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered a televised speech to the nation, where he expressed his condolences to the victims’ families. He also promised to bring those who committed the attack to justice and claimed that some of the gunmen suspects who took part in it were trying to flee to Ukraine.

The Ukrainian government has denied involvement in the attack and claimed that the Kremlin was deliberately lying to its people.

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