Rodeo Star’s Son Dies After Tragic Accident With Toy

( – Spencer Wright, a famous rodeo star, and his wife are grieving the recent loss of their son after a tragic toy incident.

The heartbreaking death stemmed from a freak accident that occurred on May 21st. Wright’s 3-year-old son, Levi, was driving his toy tractor when he accidentally steered it into a creek near their Utah home. The water swept the boy and his toy tractor away. He was found unresponsive over a mile downstream. His mother, Kallie, later said the creek runs between their house and the home of some relatives. She also described a concrete bridge that crossed the creek, which her kids would frequently use to cross the water.

The child’s parents called emergency services, and several agencies responded. Levi was airlifted to Primary Children’s Hospital, where he was declared brain dead. However, his parents were hopeful after they believed he woke up on May 23rd. His mother said in a social media post he “got a little wild.” She published a follow-up post saying that he opened his eyes. The doctor even told her that it was okay to “get excited.” She said their son appeared to hear them.

However, she published another post the following day after an MRI. Wright said the results didn’t look good and left the couple “shattered.” It revealed that his quality of life would be very limited if he survived. Another post said his brain was deprived of oxygen for too long, noting that there’s no recovery from that. However, they maintained hope and said they would consult with more neurologists.

Unfortunately, a family friend broke the news on June 4th that Levi had died two days before. His family had to make the “impossible” decision to remove their son from life support after several consultations with a host of doctors. They expressed gratitude for the extra time they had with their son after the incident. His mother said he had clung to life to give them time to help them find peace with his passing.

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