Residents Sound Alarm As Immigrants Flood Northern Border

( – Residents of Vermont are raising concerns about an influx of illegal immigrants along the northern border with Canada and the fallout that has ensued.

Kristy Brow of Highgate has found trash and other items discarded on her property. Security footage revealed migrants rushing out of the forest behind her home. She says she’s now afraid to go outside alone.

Brow is not alone. More residents are reporting concerns as illegal crossings across the northern border have risen by 241% since 2022. Agents working with the border patrol have arrested 3,100 illegal immigrants across the northern border from 55 different countries in less than six months just at the Swanton Sector. Many of those apprehensions included migrants from the Middle East as tensions continue to grow throughout the region. That’s more than the number of combined apprehensions that took place from 2019 to 2022 in the same sector.

Officials believe more migrants are coming through Canada as Texas cracks down heavily on illegal immigration in defiance of the federal government. Residents of Mexico do not need a visa to enter Canada, although officials are considering a policy change.

The new measures implemented by the state of Texas have also sent a “free-for-all” surge across California’s border with Mexico. Chris Mueller, a veteran of the Marine Corps, called the rise in San Diego an insult to those who died defending the United States. That surge includes a significant increase in the number of Chinese nationals as tensions continue to rise with the communist nation. Texas has since seen a considerable drop in the number of illegal border crossings.

David Favro, the sheriff of Clinton County, New York, has called for more patrols to guard the northern border. He also said several migrants have died after getting lost in the wooded areas during frigid winter conditions.

The 5,525-mile border that the United States shares with Canada is one of the largest international borders in the world.

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