Record Breaking Pup Dead at 31

Record Breaking Pup Dead at 31

( – Bobi, a 31-year-old Rafeiro Alentejano who won a spot in Guinness World Records, died on October 23. The pup broke an 84-year record for the oldest living dog. The previous record was set in 1939 by a cattle-dog in Australia. That dog lived to be 29 years and five months old. Bobi’s age was confirmed by a pet database managed by the government of Portugal.

Bobi spent his entire life in Conqueiros, a small Portuguese village. His breed is known for herding sheep and typically live up to 14 years. He won his title as history’s oldest known dog in February.

Leonel Costa, Bobi’s owner, credits his diet of fresh human food for his long lifespan. He also said that raising him in the peaceful countryside and allowing him to roam without a chain helped extend his lifespan.

Experts believe genetics may have also been a factor. Bobi’s mother died when she was 18 years old. He was also never neutered.

Bobi narrowly escaped death as a puppy. Costa’s parents euthanized his siblings, but Bobi was able to escape. His family cited financial difficulties as the reason to kill newborn puppies. Costa and his brother took care of Bobi without their parent’s knowledge for some time. They had to feed him leftovers of their own food, thus leading to his unique diet.

He also had a close call in 2018 after collapsing. He had trouble breathing at the time, but veterinarians were able to help him. Costa says that he otherwise enjoyed an incident-free life.

Over 100 guests were invited to his 31st birthday in May. His age was the equivalent of nearly 140 human years. Dancers and fresh meat played a big role in the celebration.

Long-time veterinarian Karen Becker said that despite his extended lifespan, it still wasn’t enough time for those who knew and loved Bobi. His owner said that he still enjoyed going for walks despite needing more time to rest.

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