Police Officials SLAM AOC Over Demonization of Officers

(NationRise.com) – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY) barrage of attacks against law enforcement is drawing ire from the New York City Police Department’s top officials.

AOC, a prominent member of the far-left Congressional “Squad” group, recently attacked police officers on social media after they stood guard during a pro-Palestenian protest at the campus of Columbia University. The officers never moved against students; they were just deployed to ensure the demonstration remained peaceful. There has recently been a rise in violence on college campuses by pro-Hamas rioters.

However, Cortez implied her own intentions for the officers being present. She claimed they have “some of the most violent reputations on the force.” Cortez called the decision to deploy officers “horrific.”

This isn’t the first time she has attacked police. Cortez was a prominent supporter of the “Defund the Police” movement that led to an exodus of police in New York City. Some were so desperate to leave a city that appeared to turn its back on them that they left full pensions behind. The city’s far-left mayor has also slashed funding as crime soars.

John Chell, who currently serves as Chief of Patrol for the NYPD, responded to AOC’s attacks by saying that the officers in his unit responded “with care and professionalism” while noting that no incidents were reported. He also said good grades don’t put college students above the law.

Chell also told Cortez in his X post that the students protesting were repeating hateful chants against Jewish people and his officers. He encouraged Cortez to visit and hear their remarks for herself. He promised that the units Cortez denounced would still protect her during the visit.

Kaz Daughtry, who serves as the NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Operations, also admonished Cortez on X. He noted that while Americans do have a right to peacefully protest, they do not have a right to threaten or harm others who are just trying to pursue an education. He reiterated the fact that officers were deployed to protect others and enforce the law, not quell First Amendment rights.

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