Police Chase Ends With 8 Dead After Head-On Crash

Police Chase Ends With 8 Dead After Head-On Crash

(NationRise.com) – Eight people, including two US citizens, were killed on November 8 after a human smuggler transporting illegal immigrants crashed his vehicle into an SUV in Texas. Local authorities said that the crash took place while the driver was evading law enforcement officers.

In a statement, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) pointed out that the accident occurred on US Route 57 in Batesville as the suspected human smuggler was attempting to escape from Zavala County deputies. The agency also noted that the driver directly crashed with a Chevy SUV that was traveling in the opposite direction after passing an 18-wheeler in a no-passing zone. Right after the crash, the vehicle burst into flames, and all passengers in both vehicles were killed.

The DPS explained that those inside the SUV, the passenger and the driver, were from Georgia. Meanwhile, the human smuggler’s vehicle contained five illegal immigrants from Honduras. The agency revealed that the suspected smuggler was from Houston, Texas, and noted that a probe is currently ongoing.

Over the last few years, the southern border in Texas has experienced a massive increase in migrants who try to enter the United States illegally. While most of them come from Mexico, Venezuela, and Central American nations, different reports have revealed that some of these migrants also come from China, the Middle East, and some Eastern European countries.

The House Judiciary Committee has launched a probe into the Biden administration’s handling of the border crisis. The committee said in a statement that authorities will also investigate whether the commander-in-chief had the legal authority to cut razor wire that Texas authorities installed on the Rio Grande.

Since the border crisis started, numerous accidents have been taking place in border states, especially in Texas and New Mexico. One of the most horrible happened in May when an SUV crashed into a crowd of immigrants, killing eight of them. The incident took place in Brownsville, Texas.

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