Peace Activist Slain by Hamas

Peace Activist Slain by Hamas

( – Vivian Silver, a prominent 74-year-old Israeli-Canadian advocate for peace, has been killed by Hamas militants. Authorities verified that human remains found in her home near the Gaza border belonged to Silver. The results came five weeks after her remains were found.

Officials and relatives feared Silver had been taken hostage and remained in the custody of Hamas. There were no signs that a struggle had taken place at her home, and no bullet casings were found in the immediate area. However, it’s now more likely that she was killed after Hamas initially launched the surprise attack against Israel early last month.

Her son, Yonatan Zeigen, recounted the last conversation he would ever have with his mother during a BBC interview. She told him via text that Hamas militants had entered her home and that it was time to say goodbye. He replied back that he loved her.

Silver, who was born in Winnipeg, worked as a medical volunteer long after her retirement. She frequently helped refugees from Gaza find medical help in Israeli hospitals and facilities after moving to Israel in 1973. Silver became well-known throughout the region as an advocate for peace. She was also known among leaders in both Israel and Canada.

Melanie Joly, Canada’s Foreign Minister, said Canada is mourning Silver’s death on X. She also described Silver as a “lifelong advocate for peace.”

Her nonprofit group, Women Wage Peace, was founded to convince Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel to reach peace agreements with Palestinian leaders. They also demanded the release of Israeli hostages after the war began. It has grown to become Israel’s largest grassroots movement with 44,000 members. There have been additional calls for temporary pauses to help humanitarian workers assist civilians impacted by the conflict. However, Netanyahu said that Hamas must first release Israeli hostages.

Silver’s friends describe her as a woman who always smiled and found humor even when times were dark. They vowed to continue her work even as the conflict rages on.

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