Palestine Admits Hamas Stealing Aid, Killing Workers

( – The Palestinian Authority admitted on April 21 that the terrorist group Hamas is not only lying to the international community but also stealing humanitarian aid and even killing aid personnel in the Gaza Strip. The Palestinian Authority’s ruling party, Fatah, said live on air that Hamas members systematically endanger the lives of aid workers, who are only helping innocent Palestinians who are trying to survive the war.

In its TV channel Awdah, Fatah’s anchor claimed that Hamas members also tend to hide among aid workers to monitor their activities, prevent being detected by the Israeli military, and even kill them in case they consider it necessary. The anchor added that what Hamas has been doing with aid workers can be viewed as a “triple crime” as they not only murdered them but also stole their water and food, causing food prices to increase as a result.

The anchor said that the reason why Hamas steals their food and water is to give it to their fighters, as a significant shortage of provisions has been taking place since Israel started its military operation in Gaza. He also blamed Hamas for the chaos related to the distribution of the humanitarian aid that many countries around the world have been sending to Gaza. The anchor explained that Hamas has been committing these acts since the beginning of the war, following its October 7 attack on Israeli soil.

The admission confirmed the Israeli government’s claims about Hamas, which they have blamed for the way the humanitarian aid hasn’t been adequately delivered to the Palestinian population. It also confirms Israel’s allegations that the terrorist group deliberately killed international aid workers not only to steal their food and water but also to blame the Israeli military for their deaths.

While the Israeli military has met some of its objectives in its incursion, it still hasn’t been able to fully dismantle Hamas and free the remaining October 7 hostages.

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