Over a Thousand Dead as War In Israel Continues

Over a Thousand Dead as Rockets Hammer Israel

(NationRise.com) – The death toll is nearing 1,500 across Israel and Palestine, including nearly a dozen American citizens as the Jewish state responds to Palestinian aggression.

Israel has begun mobilizing its military reserves while bombing 500 Hamas bases and installations along the Gaza Strip in retaliation for the surprise assault launched on October 7. One of those targets included a command center funded by the Iranian state.

The conflict began over the weekend after Hamas, an Islamic terrorist group, launched a surprise attack against Israel during a celebration commemorating the end of Sukkot. The multi-faceted attack included ground troops and paragliders. Hamas militants have continued attacking Israeli communities indiscriminately on foot, terrifying residents with nonstop gunfire. An unknown number of Israelis were also kidnapped and taken hostage by Hamas militants.

Most of the confirmed deaths of Israeli citizens killed so far were civilians. Initial attacks targeted a music festival, where nearly 250 participants were slaughtered. As of this writing, nearly 2200 more Israelis have been injured. Several more Israelis and Americans are still missing.

The Gaza Ministry of Health has reported 590 deaths, many of whom were also civilians, and 2900 injuries.

Colonel Jonathan Steinberg, a prominent leader in the Nahal Brigade, was also killed during the initial attacks. The brigade is one of Israel’s most elite infantry units.

Lt. Col. Richard Hecht, an Israeli military representative, admitted that efforts to regain control have taken longer than anticipated. They hope to eliminate the Hamas military presence completely and have officially declared war on the organization.

The conflict comes shortly after the Biden administration negotiated the release of American hostages in exchange for releasing $6 billion of oil money to Iran, a nation known for its financial support of Hamas. That deal concluded just last month.

Former President Donald Trump strongly rebuked Biden’s “weak-kneed leadership” during a rally in Cedar Rapids on Saturday. He called for Hamas to be “crushed” after the unprecedented attack. Trump also reiterated the importance of the United States’ long-standing support for Israel during this time.

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