Obama Condemned as Monstrous by ZOA

Obama Condemned as Monstrous by ZOA

(NationRise.com) – The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) blasted former President Barack Obama on November 7, claiming that the Democratic leader is a “monstrous” Israel-hater and a “dangerous Jew-Hater.” The group’s leader, Morton Klein, said that Obama should not only be condemned but also “delegitimized.”

During an interview with Breitbart News, Klein told the media outlet that Obama’s “grotesque” and antisemitic remarks against Israel were “outrageously legitimizing” the horrors of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas. He added that the most dangerous aspect of Obama’s remarks is his influence in the United States, as he described the Democratic leader as the person “making decisions” for US President Joe Biden.

During an interview with “Pod Save America,” Obama said that the only way the Israel-Gaza conflict can be solved is by taking in “the whole truth” and accepting that “nobody’s hands are clean.” The former president also said that the United States is complicit to “some degree,” and claimed that Israel was executing an “occupation” on Gaza. He added that what the Israeli government was doing to Palestinians was “unbearable.”

About his comments, Klein said that Obama’s claims that Israel’s response to the October 7 terrorist attacks will “backfire” is an attempt to “protect” Hamas. Klein also pointed out that he doesn’t feel surprised by Obama’s stance on the matter, as he described him as the most anti-Israel president in the United States history.

When asked to elaborate, the ZOA leader explained that Obama showed his antisemitism in numerous actions during his political career. These included the way he helped Louis Farrakhan organize the controversial Million Man March, his comparison of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians in Gaza to Nazis’ treatment of Jews in Germany, and his friendship with Rashid Khalidi.

About the Hamas charter, which calls for the extermination of the Jewish people and Israel’s destruction, Klein said that the terrorist group should be wiped out. He also said that many leaders in the international community have been repeating Hamas’ lies, as he claimed there has been “zero occupation” in Gaza since 2005.

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