North Korea Runs Nuclear Counterattack Drills

( – The communist regime of dictator Kim Jong Un has reportedly run a simulated nuclear counterstrike against foreign enemies. North Korean media reported that Kim was supervising the rocket launches and that the drill took place in an undisclosed area of the small region surrounding Pyongyang, but it didn’t specify who the enemies might be.

The rockets North Korea fired traveled more than 186 miles and managed to strike a targeted island in Japan’s Sea. The simulated nuclear counterstrike represented the debut of the so-called “nuclear trigger,” which the North Korean regime has been developing to increase its military power and become a more influential player in the region. A state media outlet added that the simulation showed the efficiency of the operation, control, and management of North Korea’s “nuclear force.” It also said that the communist dictator personally greeted the operation commanders.

In a statement, the North Korean regime claimed that each of the 600mm rocket launchers that the military used in the simulation could fire nuclear warheads. According to some reports, Pyongyang conducted separate military exercises in the Yellow Sea on April 18, testing a massive warhead that Kim wants the Armed Forces to use on anti-aircraft and cruise missiles.

Earlier this month, the communist leader said during a speech at a North Korean university that the country would deliver a “death blow” to any foreign power that attacked North Korea. He added that the Asian nation will no longer tolerate the threats of other countries and will be able to defend itself “like never before.”

In another part of his speech, Kim said that thanks to the latest developments in North Korea’s military capabilities, the country should be prepared “for a war.” He added that the Armed Forces should consider such a delicate scenario and claimed that winning would be the only option in a hypothetical armed conflict.

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