Nikki Haley Takes Shots at Trump in Surprise Appearance

( – Republican hopeful Nikki Haley took a jab at former President Donald Trump during a surprise Saturday Night Live appearance on February 3rd.

The show segment featured a skit that mocked a CNN town hall meeting. Haley, playing herself, was given an opportunity to ask Trump a question. She inquired why he refused to debate her before the actor portraying Trump answered with mockery. She also implied that his mental fitness could be suffering before drawing attention to his legal battles.

The episode also took a jab at Haley, calling out a quote she made in December 2023. She claimed that the Civil War was fought over rights and how the government should run things. She acknowledged during the skit that she should’ve included slavery as well.

Far-left fans of SNL bashed the show for giving Haley screen time. They accused her of being a “slavery denier” and tried to shame the network. They also accused her of being racist for denying their belief that the Civil War was fought over slavery. Some said the network was being disrespectful for giving her a cameo in a skit that aired so early in Black History Month. One liberal influencer claimed the show has a long history of giving a platform to “hateful” conservatives.

Haley, 52, has frequently called for a mandate that presidential candidates over the age of 75 complete a test confirming their mental fitness. Trump will be 78 during the 2024 presidential election. He has also expressed support for mental competency tests.

Haley continues to trail Trump in the race for the Republican nomination. She took second place to Trump during the primaries held in New Hampshire and Iowa. Haley began mocking Trump just minutes after his victory, which Trump quickly addressed during his victory speech. He also maintains a strong lead in Haley’s home state of South Carolina just a few weeks ahead of the state’s primary. Haley still insists she can turn the numbers around.

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