Nikki Haley Lands New Gig Following Failed Presidential Run

( – According to a Fox News April 15 report, former GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley joined D.C.-based conservative think tank Hudson Institute, which is known for focusing on US national security and foreign affairs.

In a statement, the Hudson Institute’s CEO and President John Walters said that Haley has proven to be one of the most effective American leaders on domestic and international policy. He added that one of the best qualities of the former South Carolina governor is her defense of freedom and the country’s security in a period of “political upheaval” all over the world.

On its official website, the Hudson Institute said that Haley will serve as the conservative think tank’s Walter P. Stern Chair, which is a position created in 2020 to honor a chair who was crucial in making the institute one of the most respected.

Over the last few months, Haley became the last hope of the anti-MAGA faction of the Republican Party to beat former President Donald Trump, despite her role in his administration as the United States Ambassador to the United Nations. While every poll showed she never stood a chance against him, political analysts believe she may be the future of the GOP.

In her presidential campaign, the former South Carolina governor advocated for a strong American international policy to deal with some of the worst conflicts in the geopolitical sphere. These included Israel’s military operation against the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas in Gaza, and the war between Ukraine and Russia.

Her stance on these matters was quite different from Trump’s, as the former commander-in-chief has been one of the main isolationist leaders in the GOP over the last few years, advocating for keeping the US out of foreign conflicts. In some interviews, Haley even suggested that Trump was doing a favor to some of the worst US international rivals by taking the country out of the global stage, which she claimed would leave a vacuum that Russia or China could occupy.

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