NFL Legend Dead at 79

NFL Legend Dead at 79

( – Dallas Cowboy alumnus and Super Bowl Champion Walt Garrison passed away at the age of 79. No details about the cause of Garrison’s death have been revealed. However, he was receiving care at a facility dedicated to helping patients with memory loss.

Garrison, a native Texan from Denton, was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys during the NFL’s 1966 draft during its fifth round. Before that, he was an all-star running back for the Oklahoma State Cowboys. He was also a member of the college’s rodeo team. He publicly admitted that rodeos were his true passion and that he only played football because it paid more.

Garrison wasn’t just a cowboy on the field. He competed in rodeos during the off-season and sometimes attended rodeos after team meetings. The Dallas Cowboys even included a horse trailer in his sign-on bonus to make it easier. However, that ended during the on-season at the behest of famed Cowboys coach Tom Landry.

During his nine-season tenure with the Dallas Cowboys, Garrison achieved 39 touchdowns and a total of 3,886 rushing yards. He also played with the team during their 1972 Super Bowl victory over the Miami Dolphins. He called that match the highlight of his career. His Super Bowl picture was featured on the September 1972 cover of Sports Illustrated.

A knee injury Garrison suffered during a steer exhibition in 1975 forced him to retire from football and rodeoing. He remains the team’s fourth-leading receiver. In 2012, the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame inducted him. Additionally, Garrison made the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame.

After retirement, Garrison became an iconic spokesman for Dodge and Skoal. He insisted that he would never endorse or advertise a product that he did not personally use. He also appeared in commercials for Denton’s Bill Utter Ford dealership.

The Kansas City Chiefs also drafted Garrison during their time with the American Football League in 1966 during the 17th round.

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