Newsom Sued Over Alleged Anti-Semitic Behavior

( – According to an OANN February 12 report, California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom is currently facing legal action from retired Brigadier General Jeffrey Magram over what Magram calls antisemitic behavior. The Air National Guard general also sued other state officials, claiming that he was “wrongfully terminated” in 2023 and that he was subjected to antisemitic retaliation, discrimination, and harassment.

Some media outlets reported that Magram filed the lawsuit against Newsom and the other state authorities in a Los Angeles court on January 24. He was fired last year after numerous claims that he allegedly used some of his troops to run “personal errands.”

The Air National Guard general has also accused Major General Matthew Beevers, who used to be his leader and is the California Military Department’s adjutant general, of engaging in numerous antisemitic acts for two years. Magram, who is Jewish, also claimed that Beevers created a hostile work environment and accused the California governor of ignoring his complaints about his behavior.

News that he used troops for his personal errands sparked many headlines in January 2023. Some media outlets reported then numerous claims that some of Magram’s errands included the alleged preparation of a jet flight for a “domestic mission” during the pandemic, as well as taking his mom shopping.

While many accusations made against him before his involuntary transfer to the reserve were confirmed by a disciplinary board, Magram argued that he was fired because he exposed Beevers’ alleged antisemitic actions. He also claimed that a senior office witnessed some instances of antisemitism by the major general, saying he reported them to the governor’s office on six separate occasions.

In a statement, the California Military Department denounced Magram’s lawsuit as “baseless” and “retaliatory.” It also provided some documents that it said demonstrated his termination for causing the department to lose confidence, trust, and faith in his ability to keep serving as a “leader.”

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