News Anchor Announces He’s Done After Show Cancellation

News Anchor Announces He's Done After Show Cancellation

( – MSNBC anchor Mehdi Hasan announced on January 7 at the end of his show that he would leave the network for good, following three years as one of its main anchors. In the final episode of MSNBC’s “The Mehdi Hasan Show,” he said it was time to start a “new challenge” following the cancellation of the program.

During his announcement, Hasan explained that even when he decided to leave the network, he felt proud of everything he and his team achieved and thanked his audience for the feedback and support. He also said he tried to materialize his new plans as soon as possible and pointed out that working with the show’s producers was an “amazing” experience.

Following his resignation, some of Hasan’s fellow MSNBC hosts expressed their thoughts on their Twitter accounts. One of these was Ayman Mohyeldin, who said that it was a privilege for him to share some laughs with Hasa, whom he described as an “indomitable” person and one of the most important “voices” in media.

Ali Velshi also said that Hasan is one of the “bravest” and “smartest” journalists that the United States has right now and pointed out that he has been his “north star” when it comes to journalistic integrity. Chris Hayes also wrote on his Twitter account that Hasan’s resignation represents a “huge loss” for MSNBC.

Hasan’s decision came after MSNBC announced in November 2023 that it would cancel his show. The former host was one of the most controversial journalists on the liberal network, as he expressed his radical stances on different topics over the last few months. The latest controversy took place right after the October 7 attacks on Israel, when he blamed the Israeli government for the atrocities committed by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas that day.

Different reports pointed out that MSNBC offered him other roles in the network, but he rejected the offer.

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