New Report Suggests Russia Behind Mysterious Attacks

( – A new report suggests the Pentagon believes Russia is behind a mysterious illness that has hit government officials without warning despite initial reports calling their involvement “very unlikely.”

A growing number of US officials have suffered from “Havana Syndrome” over the past few years across the globe, especially during high-profile events. The illness is characterized by the sudden onset of symptoms consistent with head trauma injuries. It was named after the first known incident that occurred in Havana, Cuba, in 2016. During that incident, several US officials reported suddenly feeling severe headaches with no known cause. They also reported hearing thunderous, high-pitched tones while trying to sleep at night.

Later cases also included memory loss, nose bleeds, and nausea. Officials and healthcare experts were initially puzzled by the potential causes of Havana Syndrome. However, they have since suspected the illness to stem from specialized weapons that direct sonic or microwave energy toward a specific target or area. Some victims have suffered brain tissue damage that required long-term care. However, officials claim that the illness doesn’t cause brain damage.

US officials were initially hesitant to blame the occurrence on a foreign government. The CIA claimed that most documented cases were caused by natural conditions or the nature of the stressful work of officials. However, several victims quickly dismissed the CIA’s claims and expressed anger over official reports. The CIA also continued its investigation.

A recent investigation launched by top media outlets concluded that Russia was behind most of the attacks in a deliberate, coordinated effort. They even narrowed the culprit to Unit 29155, a classified, highly-specialized group of Russian soldiers. However, the US government maintains that it is still “skeptical” of Havana Syndrome and its true causes among US officials.

Mark Zaid, an attorney representing several victims, accuses the government of covering up the truth while avoiding “uncomfortable truths.” Greg Edgreen, a former colonel in the US Army who worked on the investigation, seems to agree when he says that the bar for proof is set “impossibly” high.

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