Nearly 90% of Voters Believe Biden is Too Old

( – According to a February 11 ABC News/Ipsos poll, 86 percent of US adults believe that US President Joe Biden is too old to remain as the commander-in-chief for four more years. The data outlined growing concerns about his advanced age and how a second term could end up being harmful to the country, as the liberal leader is already the oldest president to serve in US history.

The poll was released in the aftermath of a controversial special counsel report that noted some memory issues for President Biden. Among the voters who were part of the survey, 59 percent said that both the Democratic leader and his potential rival, former president and presidential candidate Donald Trump, are too old to serve. Meanwhile, only 27 percent said that President Biden but not Trump was too old, while 3 percent stated that only the 77-year-old Republican leader was too old to be the commander-in-chief again.

When broken down along party lines, the ABC News/Ipsos poll showed that only 35 percent of GOP voters feel that Trump was too old, while 73 percent of Democrats said the same about President Biden. For independents, 71 percent stated that Trump was too old to serve, while 91 percent believed the same thing about the liberal leader.

Media outlets, public figures, and social media users expressed their concern and consternation about the commander-in-chief’s age after the special counsel Robert Hur’s 388-page report about the liberal leader. While he revealed that President Biden willfully disclosed classified documents, he declined to press charges as he said that a jury would see the commander-in-chief as an old man with a “poor memory.”

In the report, Hur documented numerous occasions where President Biden allegedly lapsed during his interview with him. Hur also claimed that the commander-in-chief could even remember the time when he served as the US vice president, as he seemed to forget the dates when his term began and when his term ended.

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