NBC Facing Potential Lawsuit Following McDaniel Fiasco

(NationRise.com) – According to a Newsweek March 25 report, NBC could face a massive boycott because it hired the former chairwoman of the Republican National Committee (RNC), Ronna McDaniel. She became a controversial figure among conservatives as she joined the 2021 election denial movement of former President and GOP nominee Donald Trump, but recently turned her back on it.

The media outlet said that NBC experienced an internal backlash among many of its employees after it announced that McDaniel would be hired as an on-air contributor after her resignation as the RNC chairwoman. Newsweek also said that many conservatives like former Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis and commentator Charlie Kirk criticized the decision, as they claimed that McDaniel switched sides and helped Democrats.

On his Twitter account, the retired senior executive at NBC Universal, Mike Sington, criticized the network for hiring someone whom he described as a person who pushed Trump’s voter fraud claims. He also called for viewers to boycott NBC’s Meet the Press show, with over 2.3 million social media users viewing his posting and interacting with it.

Another person who criticized her hiring was NBC anchor Chuck Todd, who said live on air on Meet the Press that there was a “reason” why so many journalists at the network were “uncomfortable with this.” Also, NBC anchor Joe Scarborough said on the Morning Joe show that the network failed to ask them their opinion about McDaniel’s hiring, adding that he and many others at the network would have “strongly objected to it.”

McDaniel’s tenure with NBC lasted less than a week, as the controversy proved to be too much for the network. McDaniel was released on Tuesday. Shortly following the decision, news broke that the former RNC chairwoman intends to sue over the mental distress caused by the whole ordeal.

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