NATO Makes Damning Admission

NATO Makes Damning Admission

( – NATO made the stunning announcement earlier this week that the war in Ukraine is exhausting its ammunition supplies beyond the rate of production. The chair of NATO’s military committee, Admiral Rob Bauer, admitted that munitions have been sourced from storage warehouses that were already limited. While funding has increased during Ukraine’s war with Russia, production has not.

Bauer warned attendees at the Warsaw Security Forum that production needs to increase significantly. James Heappey, minister of the British armed forces, confirmed Bauer’s alarming revelation during the forum.

The admission came after the United Kingdom admitted that it had already exhausted the amount of munitions it could give Ukraine. U.K. military officials also noted that Ukraine desperately needs air defense weapons.

It also follows a congressional funding cut for Ukraine from its latest budget to avoid a government shutdown. The previous budget included an additional $6 billion of funding for the war.

Far-left pundits were quick to criticize the cut in congressional funding for Ukraine. They also praised the Biden administration for considering separate Ukraine aid totaling $20.6 billion.

A small but growing number of Americans are also questioning whether the money and munitions being supplied to Ukraine are used wisely. The number of Americans who view Russia as a significant threat has also dropped since the war started. Most Americans still support more aid for Ukraine, but that stance is wavering.

Experts still debate which country has the upper hand as the war continues. Both sides have failed to meet significant goals. Russia continues its grip on territory, but Ukraine is preparing a potentially devastating counterstrike.

Still, most experts believe Russia has the advantage, especially with its territorial holdings. They also think that Ukraine can’t succeed in its goal of regaining Crimea, which was taken by Russia in 2014.

Congress gave Ukraine $112 billion in 2022 to fight Russia. That’s more money than any other country has donated by a wide margin.

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