Nancy Pelosi Faces Heated Backlash After Controversial Video Surfaces

Nancy Pelosi Faces Heated Backlash After Controversial Video Surfaces

( – Former House Speaker and California Democratic Representative Nancy Pelosi was criticized on social media recently after a video surfaced from October, where she blasted some Palestinian demonstrators from the activist group Code Pink. In the footage, Pelosi can be heard telling the members of the radical left-wing group to “go back to China,” and even claiming that’s the country where “their headquarters is.”

Following the video’s publication, Code Pink posted on its Twitter account that Pelosi made a mistake by making those comments to their members, who were only calling “for a cease-fire” in the conflict between Israel and Hamas. The group also noted that the women who were at the demonstration protested for peace at Pelosi’s house for nearly 18 hours. Code Pink also suggested that the former House Speaker was “the foreign agent,” as it claimed that she takes a large sum of money from AIPAC “every year.”

Trending Politics co-founder Collin Rugg also tweeted that the California Democratic congresswoman just “lost it.” Fox News contributor and constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley also claimed on Twitter that her comments were so disgraceful that she’s making former Senator Joe McCarthy look like “a model” of “consistency” and “restraint.” Also, GOP operative Steve Guest blasted Pelosi and suggested that it would’ve been a scandalous moment if a Republican said what “Pelosi said.”

In her comments against the Code Pink demonstrators, the congresswoman was referring to a New York Times report that tied the radical left-wing group to a Chinese propaganda network operating in the United States. In addition to these comments, Pelosi also suggested during an interview with CNN that demonstrators who are calling for a cease-fire in Gaza were “connected to Russia.” She even told host Dana Bash that the FBI should investigate them, as they could be receiving money from the Kremlin. Pelosi also claimed that calling for a cease-fire in the conflict is a message that Russian President Vladimir Putin “would like to see.”

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