MTG Gets First Backer in Potential Push to Remove Speaker

( – Representative Thomas Massie (R-KY) has become the first congressman to openly support Marjorie Taylor Greene’s effort to have House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) removed from his position.

Massie announced his decision to a few colleagues during a meeting behind closed doors. The discussion came just a day after Johnson outlined his plan to push a foreign aid package through the House. It’s composed of four bills that will send funding to Ukraine, Taiwan, Israel, and other undisclosed sources that Johnson identified as essential for national security.

Several Republicans immediately admonished Johnson for his plan, including Greene, who accused him of breaking his promise. They are accusing him of ignoring border security funding that many Republican lawmakers said must accompany any Ukrainian spending bills. His plan notably excluded that stipulation. Johnson delayed motions on Ukrainian funding for several months ahead of the closed-door meeting.

Massie referenced the Ukrainian spending debacle as part of his reason for cosponsoring Greene’s efforts. He also cited Johnson’s support of the House’s recent extension of a highly controversial government surveillance law that facilitated searches of communications among Americans without a warrant. Many Republicans, including Johnson, initially called the law unconstitutional. However, he adopted a “different perspective” after a closed-door meeting. Massie also said that he originally asked Johnson to resign during a closed-door meeting.

Johnson has called demands for his resignation “absurd.” He said he refuses to resign, claiming that he’s only trying to do his job. He also claimed the demands were not helpful to the nation or the American people.

Still, Greene and Massie could spell trouble for Johnson’s prospects. HE will probably need some Democrats to back him to avoid losing a motion-to-vacate resolution if one is triggered. However, neither Massie nor Greene have set a timeline for doing so. They are facing pressure from their razor-thin House majority and can only afford to lose one more Republican seat.

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