Mike Pence Announces He’s Out

Mike Pence Announces He's Out

(NationRise.com) – Former US Vice President Mike Pence suspended his presidential campaign on October 28 after struggling to increase his popularity and become a more competitive candidate. During a conference at the Republican Jewish Coalition donor in Las Vegas, Pence told the audience he had to take a step aside as he realized “this is not my time.”

While he didn’t endorse any other candidate, he seemed to swipe at former President Donald Trump, the current favorite to win the GOP nomination. Pence told the audience that Republicans and conservatives need to choose a Republican candidate that brings out the best in everyone. He added that the GOP nominee needs to be a political figure that leads the United States with “civility” and unites all Americans.

Following the announcement, Trump said at a rally in Las Vegas that Pence should endorse him because he had a “successful presidency.” The former commander-in-chief also suggested that Pence should support him because he “made him vice president.” However, Trump pointed out that people in politics “can be very disloyal.”

Another GOP presidential candidate who reacted to Pence’s decision was former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, who said he delivered a “powerful speech” at the conference. On his X (formerly Twitter) account, Hutchinson claimed he and his wife Susan wish the former vice president and his wife Karen “the best.”

Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley also praised Pence and said he’s been a “good man of service” who has fought for the United States. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis posted on X that Pence has always been a “principled man of faith.”

Meanwhile, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie wrote on his X account that he and all Americans should be “grateful” for what Pence has done for the county. He also seemed to take a swipe at Trump, as he said that everyone should value Pence’s decision of always putting his oath of office and the American Constitution before political and “personal” pressure.

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