Migrant Invasion Overwhelms Texas Military

(NationRise.com) – A massive barrage of illegal migrants from Mexico clashed with and overwhelmed members of the Texas National Guard on March 21st near El Paso.

The scene was caught in a video posted to X (formerly Twitter) by the New York Post. Hundreds of illegals rushed and shoved about half a dozen national guardsmen before sprinting towards the permanent border fence. The guardsmen appeared unable to defend themselves despite being armed.

The migrants had already cut through razor wire placed by the state of Texas to stem a growing influx of illegal immigrants. Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbot ordered the wire fence be placed along the border in response. He has maintained the fence in defiance of the federal government after officials told the state to abandon efforts to secure the area.

The Supreme Court ultimately ruled in favor of the federal government, but that hasn’t stopped Abbott from using state resources to secure its border. His latest efforts, dubbed “Operation Lone Star,” rely on collaboration between the state’s Department of Public Safety and National Guard to “work around the clock to detect and repel illegal crossings.” The Court later partially sided with Texas after Abbot refused to comply. They ruled that the arrest may continue while Biden’s lawsuit proceeds. The case is currently being considered by the Fifth District of the U.S. Court of Appeals.

Another group of about 600 migrants was turned back just two hours before the chaotic scene unfolded. They were also attempting to enter the US illegally but remained peaceful after being refused by the National Guard.

This isn’t the first time that US security personnel have been overwhelmed by an influx of illegal immigrants along the southern border. The Border Patrol began paroling illegal immigrants in 2022 before releasing them into the United States after a record surge in encounters. Many high-ranking officials expressed concern over the potential number of terrorists who were gaining easy access to the nation.

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