Melania Allegedly Wants Trump to Pick Controversial Individual for Vice President

( – Melania Trump is reportedly urging her husband, former president Donald Trump, to select former Fox News commentator and current X personality Tucker Carlson as his vice president if he wins the Republican nomination.

Trump has maintained a strong lead in the polls leading up to next year’s Republican nomination. He’s offered few details about who his VP pick will be if he becomes the Republican candidate. However, he has admitted to considering Carlson before.

Mrs. Trump cited her belief that Carlson could be a “powerful onstage extension” of Mr. Trump. Both have gained significant support from the conservative base despite relentless media attacks. Carlson was ousted as a Fox News host earlier this year even after earning the traditionally conservative media outlet substantial ratings. He now hosts his own highly-rated show on X (formerly Twitter).

Both Carlson and his former network have given few details about his departure. It is believed to be related to evidence discovered during a defamation lawsuit. A message was discovered between Carlson and a coworker in which he revealed “passionately” hating Trump despite supporting him publicly. Carlson has continued to support Trump on his X show and even interviewed him during one episode.

Both Carlson and Trump largely share the same fanbase of conservative voters. The ongoing support may be a sign that conservative voters have forgiven the mishap revealed during the lawsuit.

Recent polls have shown that Trump is pulling ahead of President Joe Biden as his approval rating falls to record lows. Carlson is also launching his own streaming service after gaining such a successful following on X. Together, the two will have their own media companies as they gain significant public support.

Their combined resources could prove advantageous at a time when far-left outlets are losing their audience. Americans, as a whole, are slowly becoming more skeptical of mainstream sources and increasingly turning to alternative news outlets. Trump also seems to gain support when he is attacked, an unprecedented trend for presidential candidates.

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