Mayor Forces Students Into Virtual Classrooms to Fill School With Immigrants

( – New York City’s Democrat mayor is forcing pandemic-era restrictions on children by forcing their return to online learning so that schools can be used to house illegal immigrants.

Mayor Eric Adams announced the relocation of the migrants on January 9th. They were originally being housed at Floyd Bennett Field, a former federal airport. However, several of the illegal immigrants transferred to the site complained about its inconvenient location and tent-style accommodations. Many of them got back on the bus shortly after arriving and demanded better accommodations.

Many of the migrants housed at the airport were transferred to James Madison High School’s gym ahead of a severe storm. Officials advised the school’s faculty to take valuable items from classrooms to prevent theft. Jodie Cohen, the school’s principal, told parents that children would have to begin online instruction immediately on January 10th.

Mayor Adams has faced significant backlash for prioritizing illegal immigrants over American citizens. The criticisms came from advocacy groups, concerned parents, and politicians both locally and across the nation.

Republican New York City Council Member Inna Vernikov shared a video on X that shows police allowing illegal immigrants to bypass the school’s security scanners. She accused the mayor of punishing children for the government’s poor handling of illegal immigration.

Thomas Sullivan, a Republican candidate for the state’s Assembly, confirmed that about 2,000 migrants were moved to the school. He also said that the chaotic transition proved that the airfield wasn’t suitable for housing migrants.

Governments at the local and federal levels have been overwhelmed by the unprecedented surge in illegal immigration since the pandemic. Housing has been a significant challenge, as has crime enforcement. Over 200,000 illegal immigrants have entered New York City during that time.

Mayor Adams declared a state of emergency over an influx of illegal immigrants in 2022. He estimated it would cost $1 billion by the time the year ended. There were 61,000 migrants living in the city’s shelter at that time. The cost to the city’s taxpayers is expected to increase substantially.

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