Manchin Claims Rumors Are False, Not Happening

( – West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin said on May 29 that he won’t run for the state governor later this year, which shoots down some theories that suggested he would take that step after leaving the Senate. During a press conference at an event at the University of Charleston, Manchin dismissed all rumors and even revealed he was going to support Democratic primary winner Steve Williams for West Virginia governor.

Manchin told reporters that Williams had the experience and commitment to do a “great job” and that he was one of his best friends in politics. The senator added that he knows how good a politician Williams is because they have been working together for years and share the same vision.

It’s worth noting that Manchin had previously stated in November 2023 that he had no intention of running for governor. However, this did not deter many journalists and political analysts from speculating that he might consider a third-party governorship or even a presidential bid. Given his past role as the governor of West Virginia from 2005 to 2010 and his enduring popularity, these speculations were not unfounded.

During the press conference, the Democratic senator said he had no clue how the rumors about his election bid started. He also told reporters that he feels flattered that some journalists and political analysts believe he would have a high chance of becoming governor again. However, he explained that far from wanting to become governor again, all he wants to do is help every single state leader and politician.

The state Attorney General Patrick Morrisey will be the one to battle against the Democratic nominee in the state election after winning the Republican primary and becoming the party’s nominee for governor. West Virginia Republican Governor Jim Justice recently said he would run for Manchin’s seat in the Senate, explaining that the GOP would increase its power in the state if he comes out victorious.

On Friday, May 31, Manchin set the media aflame once again with a post on X (formerly Twitter) in which he announced his departure from the Democratic party. The politician is now an independent with no party affiliation.

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