Liz Cheney Goes Off Again

Liz Cheney Goes Off Again

( – Former Wyoming Republican Representative Liz Cheney said during a recent interview with MSNBC that California Republican Representative and former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy was a “pathetic” politician. When asked why, she said because he is willing to be part of a second administration of former President and presidential candidate Donald Trump.

McCarthy said he would work with the Republican leader during a December 10 interview with CBS. When reporter Robert Costa asked if he would serve in a “Trump cabinet,” McCarthy not only said “yes” but also noted he considers himself “the best person for the job.” He explained he has worked with Trump on numerous policies and to win the majority in the House of Representatives. McCarthy also told Costa that the most crucial aspect is that he and the former president have a good relationship and are always “very honest with one another.”

In the interview with MSNBC, host and former White House Press Secretary Jenn Psaki asked Cheney why she thought McCarthy was delivering those remarks, considering that he was “leaving Congress.” Cheney said she couldn’t explain it, and noted that she feels disappointed that some Republicans are still willing to support Trump despite what she believes he has “done to the country” and Congress.

The former Wyoming representative also told Psaki that the worst thing was that McCarthy delivered these remarks live on air, regardless of what Trump has “done to him.” She said that while she feels “sad” about what McCarthy is doing, she doesn’t feel surprised because she claimed that he has always shown “unwillingness” to do the right thing.

Far from being the first time Cheney publicly criticized a fellow Republican, the former Wyoming representative has been at odds with numerous conservative leaders since Trump won the 2016 presidential election. In addition to attacking Republicans who have expressed support for Trump, she has blasted the former president on numerous occasions and has even said that his possible return to the White House represents a threat to democracy.

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