Legendary Musician Storms Off Stage After Concert Goers Turn

(NationRise.com) – According to recent reports, American rock singer John Mellencamp had an uncomfortable exchange with fans who were preventing his show from going forward during a concert in Ohio back in March.

The situation, which was caught on video and went viral on social media, started after the famous musician finished one of his songs and started talking about a recent encounter he had with a homeless woman on the street. He told the crowd how he felt and the importance of helping people and having empathy for those who are having a difficult time in their lives.

While some of the concertgoers were clapping their hands and cheering for him, others were upset and began to heckle Mellencamp while claiming that he should “play some music” instead of talking about his experiences. After hearing those words, the rock singer insulted them, which prompted many other people in the audience to switch their applause to boos. In the video, the crowd can be heard murmuring during the heated exchange.

When the boos started to get louder, Mellencamp addressed the concertgoers who initially mocked him and said they “don’t know” him. He also pointed at one man in the audience and asked one of his crew members to “find this guy” so he could see him and have some words with him after the show.

Once he said that, another member of the audience asked him to stop fighting and sing his legendary “Authority Song” instead. Mellencamp responded that he could stop the show and leave right then. Seconds later, he said he would cut 10 of the songs he was planning to play to make the show shorter, leaving the stage at one point, but returning minutes later.

Following the incident, Mellencamp had an interview with The Washington Post, in which he said he expects “etiquette” at his shows, which he explained are no longer typical concerts, but performances.

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