Legendary Athlete Coming Out of Retirement

(NationRise.com) – According to a Fox News March 7 report, legendary boxer Mike Tyson will officially return to the ring to fight against YouTube superstar and boxer Jake Paul on July 20 at the 80,00 capacity AT&T Stadium, which is the home of the Dallas Cowboys. The fight will be aired live on Netflix, which would be the first time the streaming platform broadcasts a combat sports event.

According to some reports, the fight is expected to be the subject of criticism among sports analysts and boxing experts, as many believe that these types of events degrade the sport. However, while it remains unclear how much money both fighters will get after the fight, these events have become among the most lucrative in combat sports. In 2023, Paul earned $9 million from a loss against reality TV star and boxer Tommy Fury.

In a statement released by Most Valuable Promotions and Netflix, Paul said that it was “crazy” to face such a legend like Tyson and to determine if he had what it takes to beat one of the “biggest icons” and most “notorious fighters” ever. He also said that his main goal is to become a world champion, and added he believes that the best way of proving himself is by fighting against the “most dangerous boxer” who ever lived, as well as one of the “great(est) heavyweight champion(s)” of all time.

The fight between the 57-year-old boxing legend and the 27-year-old YouTube superstar will be Tyson’s first since his 2020 exhibition match with Roy Jones Jr. In a statement, Tyson said that Paul shouldn’t be underestimated as he has grown as a boxer over the last few years. He added that it would be fun to determine what the ambition and will of a “kid” can do with the aptitude and experience of “a GOAT.”

Paul has won nine of his ten professional boxing matches, each of the last two being against fellow boxers after fights against UFC legends Anderson Silva and Nate Diaz.

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