Legendary Action Star Undergoes Heart Surgery

(NationRise.com) – Hollywood superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed during an episode of his podcast “Arnold’s Pump Club” on March 26 that he’s gotten a pacemaker. The 76-year-old legendary action actor said that he underwent heart surgery for the pacemaker on March 21. He also made jokes about it and said he’s now “a little bit more of a machine.”

The former California governor explained that he decided to reveal his health issues, even when he knew that these were personal matters, as his main goal was to encourage those who are dealing with the same types of problems. Schwarzenegger added that he was inspired by the numerous heart health stories that friends, family members, and even fans have told him. He also said that while it was a delicate surgery, he’s fine and in recovery.

The action movie star added that he’s currently “doing great” and even went to an environmental event with legendary actress and activist Jane Fonda four days after the surgery. He said that while he never thought he would start his week with such a major medical procedure, he wants to thank everyone at the Cleveland Clinic. He said doctors and nurses made the surgery painless and took amazing care of him.

According to some reports, the Hollywood legend had the surgery because doctors found he had significant scar tissue from some previous heart surgeries. Media outlets explained that people close to Schwarzenegger said that the actor was suffering some heartbeat problems that were affecting his life.

On his podcast, the action star told viewers that everyone should know how important regular doctor visits are, as nothing is more crucial in life than health. The actor and former governor also opened up about how his mother died of heart issues and how the tragedy changed his way of thinking about life. He added that he will always be thankful for the way today’s technology has allowed him to live longer.

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