Legal Analyst Claims Stormy Daniels’ Testimony Bad News for Prosecution

( – One of CNN’s top legal analysts said responses given by adult film star Stormy Daniels were “disastrous” for the prosecution after cross-examination.

Elie Honig acknowledged that her story remains “plausible,” but Daniels harmed her own testimony after admitting that she hates former president Donald Trump. Honig called the admission a “big d— deal.” Honig said Daniels further ruined her credibility after showing older tweets discussing her fantasies of Trump spending time in jail.

In one tweet, she also admitted that she would defy a court order to pay Trump damages and choose jail instead. That, according to Honig, calls into question whether she’ll respect an oath after admitting that she doesn’t respect the court. The defense will now have an easier time questioning her credibility.

During her testimony, Daniels detailed how she allegedly met Trump at a Lake Tahoe golf tournament in 2006. Daniels described a brief encounter initially, but said she later made a point of giving Trump one of her films. Shortly after, someone asked if she’d like to dine with Trump. Daniels said she accepted, and the two spent the night together after. She then claimed to receive $130,000 from Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen, ten years later to stay quiet as he campaigned for the presidential elections.

Trump has repeatedly denied the accusations. Daniels did as well until she altered her story in 2018. It was the first of many changes that she has since made to her story. Trump’s legal team said she has to keep altering the details of her story because it never actually happened.

Trump has repeatedly accused prosecutors of orchestrating the charges for political reasons. The proceedings are being held in Manhattan, an area with a strong Democrat presence. He also accused Juan Merchan, the far-left judge presiding over the case, of treating him unfairly. He has called Merchan’s gag order unconstitutional and says it prevents him from publicly defending himself.

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