King Charles III Receives Cancer Diagnosis

( – The United Kingdom’s Buckingham Palace announced on February 5 that King Charles III was diagnosed with cancer less than 15 months after acceding to the throne. In a statement, the palace said that the diagnosis took place during a hospital procedure the monarch attended for “benign prostate enlargement,” where health experts noted a “separate issue of concern.”

The palace explained that subsequent tests determined a “form of cancer,” stating that King Charles already started a schedule of treatments, which forced him to postpone numerous “public-facing duties.” Despite the diagnosis, the place said that the monarch would continue with his official paperwork and State business “throughout this period.”

The development, which most media outlets in the United Kingdom described as “shocking,” came a week after the British king was discharged from hospital after his treatment for an enlarged prostate. Despite the announcement about his health issue, officials didn’t disclose which type of cancer King Charles was diagnosed. However, the palace detailed in its statement that it wasn’t prostate cancer, noting that the monarch is “positive” about the treatment he’s receiving and is looking forward to returning to public duty.

The palace explained that King Charles ordered the sharing of the diagnosis to prevent “speculation” about his health condition and “in the hope” that it could assist public understanding for everyone in the world who is currently battling with the disease. While numerous media outlets asked Kensington Palace when the monarch was expected to return to his royal duties, the official London residence of the Prince and Princess of Wales didn’t provide a specific date.

During a meeting with union workers in Las Vegas, Nevada, US President Joe Biden reacted to the news about the monarch’s ailing health. The commander-in-chief explained that he just heard King Charles’ diagnosis and said he felt “concerned about him.” He added he’ll be talking to the British monarch as soon as possible.

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