Kerry Is Officially Out as Climate Czar

( – Climate envoy and former Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry left his Biden administration role on March 6, without providing too many details about the move. While Kerry’s spokesperson confirmed to some media outlets on March 4 that Kerry would no longer be the special presidential envoy for climate, he refused to provide more information about the former climate czar’s next steps.

Back in January, Kerry revealed he would step down from his role so he could fully work on the 2024 presidential election. While it remains unclear what he will do after the electoral event, numerous reports said that members of his inner circle believe he’s going to work with Yale University.

During an event at the Council on Foreign Relations on February 28, the Democratic leader told attendees that while he had already decided to leave the post of the Biden administration’s climate envoy, he wouldn’t abandon “the climate fight.” Kerry added that he intends to be part of a collective effort whose primary goal is to “accelerate the transition” and fulfill the goals that world leaders set out in Dubai during the 2023 global climate summit.

When reflecting on the first day as the climate envoy, Kerry said that the most critical decision he made at that moment was the commitment to do whatever it took to limit the temperature increase of the earth to only 1.5 degrees centigrade. He also explained that number was crucial as it was the equivalent of 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit, which some scientists have said is the threshold that the world must never exceed to prevent suffering the worst consequences of climate change.

A couple of days after Kerry announced that he was stepping down as the climate czar, the Biden administration announced in a statement that US President Joe Biden’s climate adviser, John Podesta, would replace Kerry. Podesta will be based out of the White House instead of the US State Department.

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