Kennedy Claims Biden “Much Worse Threat” Than Trump

( – Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recently claimed that US President Joe Biden was a “greater threat to democracy” than GOP nominee and former President Donald Trump. Kennedy made the comments during a CNN interview, citing his legal feud against the Biden administration over its social media censorship.

When asked about his thoughts on President Biden, Kennedy told host Erin Burnett that he could “make an argument” that the sitting president is worse than Trump. However, he recognized that the former commander-in-chief was also a threat to the United States and its democracy. The independent candidate said he believes President Biden is the “greatest threat” because he’s the first presidential candidate in history who has used numerous federal agencies to censor freedom of speech and political speech in the country.

Kennedy has sued the Biden administration over its request that his social media accounts be officially restricted back in 2021. According to some reports, the independent candidate posted misinformation and fake news where he blamed the effects of the COVID-19 vaccine for the death of baseball Hall of Fame Hank Aaron.

While Kennedy obtained a restraining order in the case back in February, it was postponed pending the outcome of some Supreme Court cases regarding the power of the executive branch to urge social media censorship. The Supreme Court heard arguments for two cases in February, which claimed that the White House illegally coerced some platforms to censor numerous accounts because of fake news they were spreading about the COVID pandemic.

The independent candidate said during the CNN interview that censorship is the main reason why the President is a more significant threat to the United States than Trump, as nothing is more important in the country than the First Amendment. His comments against the Democratic leader came a couple of days after the president, and some Democratic leaders increased their criticism of Kennedy, as some reports said he could get votes from President Biden in the election.

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