Kamala Harris Claims She is Ready to Step Up

(NationRise.com) – Vice President Kamala Harris recently announced that she’s ready to take over Joe Biden’s presidential duties as voters continue to express growing concerns about his mental fitness.

She told the Wall Street Journal that there is “no question” about the fact that she’s ready after she was asked about Biden’s abysmal polling numbers and whether she would consider taking over. Additionally, she said those who have worked closely with her are confident in her leadership skills.

The interview came in the wake of a special report that declared Biden’s memory and mental acuity were limited. He slammed the report during an anger-filled press conference, claiming that his memory is fine. Jen Psaki, Biden’s former press secretary, denounced the report and called for an investigation of its author, Robert Hur.

However, Biden’s presidency has also been rocked by a series of blunders that have left voters, including Democrats, concerned. In fact, more voters are concerned about Biden’s mental acuity than Donald Trump’s legal troubles.

However, it seems unlikely that her announcement will do much to persuade voters. Harris’s approval ratings have dropped lower than the presidents, which have reached record lows.

She previously claimed that their low poll numbers stemmed from the administration’s hesitance to accept “adequate credit” for their accomplishments. The United States has experienced record inflation, border chaos, and unprecedented international strife during the administration’s tenure. Biden claimed his administration’s economic policies were “starting” to work on February 1.

Former President Bill Clinton’s chief strategist also claimed that Biden’s own administration was unhappy with him after he refused to be interviewed during the Super Bowl on February 11th. Carville noted that it was an extraordinary opportunity for Biden to reach a large audience and concluded that his refusal must have stemmed from his staff’s lack of confidence. That conclusion was supported by his campaign’s decision to publish its first TikTok video ahead of the game.

A poll conducted in February revealed Trump currently holds a 5-point lead over Biden nationally.

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