Judge Slams NSA Traitor With Decades Behind Bars

(NationRise.com) – Federal judge Raymond Moore slammed former National Security Agency employee Jareh Dalke for trying to sell top-secret documents to Russia and sentenced him to 21 years behind bars. In a statement, Moore claimed he could’ve sentenced Moore to many more years in prison and even said he was merciful with the former NSA worker as he accused him of deliberately taking the job at the agency to sell classified material.

Moore also said in his statement that the former NSA employee betrayed the United States and claimed that what he did nearly constituted treason. The 21-year sentence was exactly what every prosecutor sought for Dalke, with investigators claiming that he essentially was willing to work with the Kremlin in exchange for money.

Dalke’s indictment detailed that the classified documents he was going to give to the Russians included a description of the US military defense capabilities, which were allegedly related to an unnamed foreign country. Another piece of information he was going to give to the Kremlin was an evaluation of the military offensive capability posed by the same foreign country.

Following the hearing, Special Agent in Charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation Mark Michalek told reporters that while he couldn’t reveal any detail about the materials, the former NSA employee knew the risk of what he was doing.

Court documents showed that Dalke only worked for the agency for a month as a Systems Security Designer back in 2022. The former NSA employee admitted that he was the one who wanted to contact the Russians to sell the information, detailing that he started the communications through an encrypted email he used to show that he had “legitimate access.” Dalke added that he sent excerpts of three top-secret documents to a person whom he thought was a Russian intelligence agent.

Federal prosecutors said that what Dalke didn’t know was that the person in question was an FBI agent, who said that each of the materials Dalke sent him contained NDI.

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