Judge Slams DOJ Over Blatantly Obvious Hypocrisy

(NationRise.com) – US District Court Judge Ana Reyes blasted the US Department of Justice on April 5 for refusing to comply with congressional subpoenas in connection with the corruption case related to US President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden. Reyes explained that the DOJ was also being hypocritical as it was ignoring the subpoenas while prosecuting former President Donald Trump’s former adviser Peter Navarro and other individuals for the same noncompliance.

Since getting into office, many commentators and political figures have claimed that President Biden and his administration have politicized the DOJ, as it has shown double standards when dealing with Republicans and Democrats. One of these was Fox News host Mark Levin, who said that it was unfair that the former president was facing prosecution for his handling of top-secret documents, but former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wasn’t indicted for her emails scandal.

Following Reyes’ criticism against the DOJ, Law School professor at George Washington University Jonathan Turley explained that interviewing key actors was crucial for the Congress probe into alleged cases of corruption. In an op-ed published by the New York Post, he said that critics can deny all wrongdoing if the interviews don’t take place and detailed this as a “lack of clarity” that Judge Reyes shared.

Turley also wrote that the Biden administration must allow the testimony of US prosecutors Jack Morgan and Mark Daly to prevent a scandal that could make people lose confidence in the DOJ and US institutions. He added that the two prosecutors should provide their testimony because they were part of the DOJ’s controversial decision to permit the lapse of numerous felonies against the president’s son.

In his op-ed, Turley criticized the DOJ’s double standards in the case. He also highlighted Judge Reyes’ comments about Navarro, who is behind bars for defying a Congress subpoena, contrasting them with the DOJ’s lack of action. The professor added that the United States is entering into a dangerous scenario as the department abandoned all sense of fairness and is currently acting with “utter impunity.”

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