Judge Fines Trump for Violations of Gag Order

(NationRise.com) – Far-left judge Juan Merchan has fined former President Donald Trump for allegedly violating his gag order.

Merchan initially issued a gag order prohibiting Trump from publicly discussing potential witnesses in his case against him. The order also forbids Trump from publicly discussing jurors, including on his social media platform, Truth Social. It makes one exception for Alvin Bragg, Manhattan’s Democrat district attorney.

Merchan is accusing Trump of nine violations in all, spanning seven posts on Truth Social and two other posts on his website. The fines total $9,000, costing $1,000 for each alleged violation. Merchan also ordered Trump to remove all offending posts, some of which were actually reposted from other accounts.

Trump has been vocal about his disagreement with the gag order, arguing that it unfairly allows others to make claims about him while prohibiting him from exercising his First Amendment right to discuss them. He has also accused them of lying, leaving him unable to defend himself.

Merchan also threatened Trump with incarceration for any future alleged violations. Trump has said that it would be an honor to spend time behind bars, as he believes it would make him a “modern-day Nelson Mandela.” However, Bragg shied away from recommending jail time. Merchan could force Trump to serve a 30-day sentence for additional violations.

Merchan is presiding over a case in which Trump is facing 34 felony counts for alleged fraud and election interference. Trump has repeatedly called the charges a politically motivated “witch hunt” while vehemently denying any guilt. However, polls show that most Americans believe the outcome will not be fair to Trump. Most also believe that he did nothing illegal in the alleged “hush money” case.

The charges against Trump and the significant media attention they have garnered have unphased voters as he continues to lead President Joe Biden in polls for the 2024 presidential elections.

The ongoing trial marks the first time a former US president has faced a criminal trial.

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