Joe Biden Slams Pro-Palestine Protesters

( – US President Joe Biden claimed during a May 2 press conference that he hasn’t changed his mind about his administration’s approach to the crisis in the Middle East after the demonstrations at college campuses across the United States. He also said he wasn’t planning to send the National Guard to intervene in the protests, which have registered numerous acts of vandalism and antisemitism.

In a speech about the numerous pro-Palestine protests at some of the most prestigious academic institutions in the country, President Biden said there wasn’t any place for “Islamophobia” or “antisemitism” in political demonstrations. He added that even though everyone in America has the right to protest for what they believe is right or wrong, the cases of vandalism and the way so many demonstrators shut down campuses and intimidated people made the protests non-peaceful. He even claimed that many of these anti-Israel demonstrators were “against the law” because of the cases of violence.

The anti-Israel protests started after the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas committed a terrorist attack on the Jewish state on October 7, killing over 1,000 people and kidnapping hundreds. Many journalists and historians claimed that what the terrorist group did represented the worst massacre committed against the Jewish community in a single day since the Holocaust during Nazi Germany’s reign of terror.

Following the attack, the Israeli government announced it was going to execute a military incursion into Gaza not only to eradicate Hamas but also to liberate their hostages. However, many liberals and progressives in the United States protested against Israel, as they claimed that they had been oppressing the Palestinian people for decades.

The first demonstration in an American university took place at Columbia, right before President Biden signed a billionaire aid package to Israel on April 24. Some polls have shown that his support for the Israeli government in its military operation against Hamas has not only reduced its popularity among many young voters but also among many Democrats who believe he’s being too radical.

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