Jill Biden Uses Fear Mongering to Justify Second Campaign

Jill Biden Uses Fear Mongering to Justify Second Campaign

(NationRise.com) – First Lady Jill Biden told reporter Mika Brzezinski during an MSNBC interview that her husband’s campaign for a second term is vital since democracy and freedom are “on the line.”

During the interview, Brzezinksi asked the first lady a charged question: whether the Bidens have considered bowing out of the race due to the “cruelty of MAGA Republicans.” Jill Biden said that the hardships she and her family claim they have endured are worth it. She then referred to her husband as the choice for strong leadership in the fight for democracy. The first lady went on to accuse Trump’s voters of supporting chaos and division.

Other prominent far-left pundits have made similar claims. Former First Lady Michelle Obama recently said during a recent podcast episode that she is “terrified” of the possible 2024 election results. She also expressed concern that Americans are taking democracy for granted. Several New York Times writers have made similar statements.

The president himself also claimed that a Trump victory is a threat to democracy. He cited the riot on January 6, 2021, as the day “we nearly lost America.” Trump urged his supporters to remain peaceful during his speech that day. However, he made no reference to the left’s violent 5-month insurgency across the nation in the spring of 2020.

However, some argue that reality tells a very different story. US military forces have been stretched thin across the world since Biden took office. Significant operations have either occurred or are being planned in Ukraine, Israel, Iran, and the Philippines. Military officials have also warned that the US is running dangerously low on munitions as it struggles to help Ukraine fight Russia.

Crime in the US also began rising quickly less than a year after Biden took office. The most significant increases have also occurred in cities controlled by Democrats. Much of that crime increase was believed to be fueled by the left’s Defund the Police movement. Many pundits believe that will hurt the left’s future prospects.

While the left is busy pushing a narrative of fear on the nation, they seem to be utterly ignoring the issues they have created at home.

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