Israel Threatens to Strike Iran

( – Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz said on his Twitter account on April 10 that the Jewish state would strike Iran if the Iranian regime launched any attack “from its territory.” Tehran has threatened to attack Israel as a response to the Israeli Armed Forces’ attack on the Iranian embassy in Syria, which killed 13 officials, including two of the most important generals of the Iranian military.

While the Israeli government has denied any involvement in the strike on the Iranian embassy in Syria, The New York Times revealed that some Israeli officials told the newspaper that the Israeli military was responsible for the attack.

Following the embassy’s bombing, Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei said in a televised speech that the attack committed by Israel won’t go unnoticed. He added that each of the Israeli embassies and consulates around the world can be considered as “the soil of that country.” The supreme leader also claimed that Israel’s “evil regime” will be “punished.”

According to some reports, while experts believe that it isn’t convenient for Iran to execute a military strike on Israel because of the way it could escalate the conflict, they believe that the Iranian regime could still do it through its proxies in the region. One of these is the Houthis terrorists in Yemen, which are backed by Tehran and have declared their solidarity and support to the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas in Gaza. The Houthis have committed numerous attacks against commercial vessels in the Red Sea and have even declared that they would attack Israel if the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu keeps killing innocent civilians in Gaza.

Another proxy that Iran can use to attack Israel is the terrorist group Hezbollah, which has also been military and financially supported by the Iranian regime and currently controls Lebanon, which is right next to Israel. Political analysts have said Iran would probably attack through one of them as it would give it a chance to deny any type of involvement.

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