Iran Threatens More Attacks Against Israel With Weapons ‘Never Used Before’

( – The Iranian regime has threatened to attack Israel with numerous weapons that it has used before if the Jewish State responds to the massive bombing that Tehran executed in retaliation to the strike of its embassy in Syria. In a statement released by Iran International, a spokesman for the National Security Committee of the Iranian Parliament named Abolfazl Amouej said that Iran won’t hesitate to attack Israel with its “purest wrath” in case it’s necessary.

On April 13, Tehran launched over 300 missile-equipped drones and rockets at the Jewish State as the highly expected response to Israel’s bombing of the Iranian embassy in Syria, which killed 13 officers, including two main generals. The Israeli Armed Forces determined that Iran executed the attack a couple of minutes after launching the drones and missiles, and managed to neutralize 99 percent of them. Less than 24 hours later, the Israeli military said that, with the cooperation of the United States and the United Kingdom, the country successfully defended itself against the bombing, which caused no casualties or significant infrastructure damage.

Political analysts said that the way Iran executed the attack was surprising as many expected Tehran to do it through one of its proxies in the region to prevent being directly blamed and receive a counter-attack from Israel. Experts like Ian Bremmer or Fernando Villanueva thought that the proxies could have been the terrorist groups Houthis in Yemen or Hezbollah in Lebanon. Meanwhile, geopolitical analyst and war expert Nacho Montes said that what Iran did raises the chances of a third world war.

So far, it remains unclear whether the Israeli government will approve a counter-attack against Israel in response to the massive bombing. According to numerous reports, while Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told some of its Western allies that his country would not restrain, he recently dismissed calls inside his government and the Israeli military to attack Iran.

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