Investigation Unearths Disturbing Evidence at Funeral Home

Investigation Unearths Disturbing Evidence at Funeral Home

( – The Colorado Bureau of Investigation recently revealed that authorities found more decaying bodies at a “green” funeral home in the so-called Centennial state. In a press release, the agency explained that officers discovered “at least 189” corpses at the crime scene, increasing the body count of 115 initially reported.

The agency pointed out that teams had already removed the 189 corpses and transported them to the office of the El Paso County Coroner on October 13. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation also said that the final number of decaying bodies found in the funeral home could radically change as the investigative and identification process.

In a press conference, Fremont County Coroner Randy Keller told reporters that the new bodies prompted “phase two” of the investigation, which includes confirming the corpses’ identification and contacting their family members. He explained that authorities are currently conducting massive coordination efforts as they focus on identifying the deceased and providing notifications to guarantee that their families receive the most accurate information. Kelley said this was an important detail as this could prevent “further victimization” as the family members grieve their loved ones.

The remains were initially found at Penrose’s green funeral home Return to Nature, located in the western region of Colorado Springs, after police responded to reports of an “abhorrent smell” in the place. This funeral home, known for offering green burials without embalming chemicals, was already facing legal issues with the owner, Jon Hallford, because of unpaid bills.

While green burials are entirely legal under state law, state code requires that any corpse that hasn’t been buried within the first 24 hours must be refrigerated. The Fremont County Sheriff’s Department said in a statement that this green funeral home has been formally accused of storing bodies improperly. It also noted that the owner was accused of attempting to hide the reported mishandling of corpses.

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