International Railway Operations Suspended Over Migrant Crisis

International Railway Operations Suspended Over Migrant Crisis

( – US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) recently said it will officially suspend all operations at international railway crossings bridges in two border cities in Texas. The agency noted that the decision was made in response to the recent rise of smuggling groups that are using freight trains to transport migrants through Mexico to the United States border.

In a statement, agency officials said that the CBP’s Office of Field Operations will suspend all operations at the bridges in El Paso and Eagle Pass to redirect personnel to properly assist Border Patrol with taking illegal migrants into custody. They pointed out that the agency is surging all available resources to process migrants in response to the increase of migrant encounters, which officers claimed is fueled by smugglers “peddling disinformation.” The officers also said in the statement that the CBP will not only increase personnel to address the “concerning development” issue but will also strengthen its partnership with Mexican authorities.

The CBP’s decision took place a couple of days after thousands of illegal immigrants were seen in a video, lined up along railroad tracks as a train passed almost three hours south of Eagle Pass. Different reports said that border patrol officials claimed they were overwhelmed as they were dealing with an unprecedented number of illegal immigrants.

The agency claims it’s planning to adjust its operational strategies to maximize enforcement efforts against those migrants who are attempting to use “illegal” processes or pathways to get into the United States. The CBP added that it will also target those migrants who are staying in the country without “a legal basis.”

Over the last few weeks, the Biden administration has been criticized by Republican and Democratic leaders because of its lack of efficiency in solving the border crisis. State and local officials have also criticized President Joe Biden as they claimed that he has failed to provide enough resources to protect the American communities and cities at the southern border.

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