Illegal Alien Gets Two Life Sentences Over Vicious Murder

Illegal Alien Gets Two Life Sentences Over Vicious Murder

( – Marco Cobos, a 24-year-old illegal immigrant from Mexico, has been given two lifetime prison sentences after murdering 75-year-old Etta Nugent.

The tragedy occurred on May 19, 2019, after Cobos broke into Nugent’s home. He initially knocked on her door and asked for water and a place to charge his phone. Nugent felt uncomfortable and turned him down since her husband was recuperating at a local assisted living facility. Moments later, he forced his way into her home and stabbed her 13 times over the course of several hours as she begged him to stop.

After Nugent died, Cobos used her laundry room to wash his clothing while taking a shower in her home. He also left to buy lunch and returned to eat as her lifeless body lay on the floor. Soon after, he checked into a hotel room. The illegal alien took hundreds of dollars from Nugent’s home before stealing her car.

Authorities later discovered that Cobos stole a pickup truck in Arizona, which he then drove to Houston. He was living out of the vehicle in Nugent’s Houston neighborhood.

Nugent’s body was discovered after her son went to the house for a welfare check. He became concerned after no one heard from her for some time. He called the police immediately after finding her body.

Nugent had a total of three children and six grandchildren. Sharon Shanahan, a neighbor of Nugent for over three decades, said that she had just visited her shortly before the murder.

During the proceedings, investigators found out Cobos was an illegal immigrant. Kim Ogg, Harris County’s Democrat District Attorney, attempted to cover his status. Ogg, whose campaign was funded by far-left billionaire George Soros, referred to Cobo as an “Arizona man” to the press.

Cobos entered a plea deal with prosecutors that will make him eligible for parole after 60 years. As part of the deal, he is not permitted to appeal his dual life sentence.

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