Ilhan Omar Desperately Tries to Defend Another Round of Controversial Remarks

Ilhan Omar Desperately Tries to Defend Another Round of Controversial Remarks

( – According to a Newsweek January 29 report, congresswoman Ilhan Omar has been facing massive backlash from politicians and social media users over comments she made about Somalia during an audience in a Minneapolis hotel. The situation took place after a video of the radical-leftist went viral on Twitter, with nearly 3 million views, as Omar said that Somalis should one day recover “our missing territories.”

The media outlet pointed out that the Minnesota Democratic representative referenced territories the African nation claims in Ethiopia and Kenya. Over the last few years, there has been a diplomatic dispute between Mogadishu and Addis Ababa over an area known as Somaliland, which the Somali authorities have been claiming as their own. Meanwhile, the government of Somaliland has said while it isn’t recognized by the international community, it is an independent state.

In her response to the video, Omar said that the clip was manipulated so she could be heard saying things she never said. She also noted she prays for “these propagandists” and for “their sanity,” pointing out that no country can survive if states engage in land lease negotiations with other nations without the federal government’s consent. The congresswoman noted that every Somali in Somalia and “in the diaspora” agree with that effort, and said she will always stand “in solidarity with them.”

When asked about the video, Somaliland’s Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister Rhoda Elmi said in a press conference that the territory’s government was “surprised” and “shocked” by Omar’s comments. Elmi explained that the language the congresswoman employed was “unbecoming” of every constituent Omar represents, as well as the “office she holds.”

Part of the radical-leftist’s speech in Minneapolis was posted on social media by conservative personality Marina Medvin, who claimed that Omar is known for being “Somalian first and Muslim second.” Also, Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene blasted Omar for using her power to protect Somalia’s border at a moment when the United States was facing a border crisis. She also said that Omar was a “terrorist sympathizer.”

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