Iconic Actor Gone at 82

Iconic Actor Gone at 82

(NationRise.com) – Irish actor Michael Gambon, who was known for playing Hogwarts professor Albus Dumbledore in the “Harry Potter” saga, died on September 27. In a statement, his publicist said that the Gambon family and those who knew him were devastated, and noted he “peacefully” died in a hospital.

His son Fergus and his wife Anne were by his side when he passed. The actor died after a bout of pneumonia, and his publicist asked everyone to respect the family’s privacy during this painful moment.

Gambon was considered one of the greatest Irish actors of all time, with a career that spanned more than six decades. Many cultural magazines described Gambon as one of the best European actors in the 20th and 21st centuries, thanks to his role in numerous movies that became cult classics.

The Irish artist was cast as Dumbledore following the death of his predecessor, Richard Harris, in 2002. While Harris played the much-loved character in the first two movies of the franchise, Gambon portrayed the charismatic wizard in the other six films.

The Irish star once revealed he didn’t read any of J.K. Rowling’s best-selling novels. When asked why, the actor explained this was the safest step he could take to follow the script and deliver the best performance he could offer. Gambon also pointed out that things could have been different if he had read the books, as this could have influenced him so much that he wouldn’t be able to play Dumbledore in the way he did.

Gambon starred alongside Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, and Daniel Radcliff in the popular franchise. The Irish actor’s work spanned theater, radio, and television, and he starred in famous films such as “The King’s Speech” and “Gosford Park.” Gambon was born in Ireland in 1940 but was raised in England’s capital, London. He originally trained as an engineer but eventually got involved in theater to become an actor. He was 82 years old.

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